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7D 20D Clusters | One More+™ Lashes
7D 20D Clusters | One More+™ Lashes

7D 20D Clusters | One More+™ Lashes


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Veyesbeauty DIY Lashes - One More+™ series

explore the magic of DIY lash extensions at home

All-in-one lash companion! Whether you're into subtle elegance or bold drama, the One More+ series is your go-to, truly living up to its name as the ultimate all-in-one lash companion. No matter what lash brand you're rocking, One More+ is the perfect partner for any makeup look and style.Whether you're using our brand's lashes or not, adding one more cluster from our One More+ can effortlessly enhance the beauty of your eye makeup.

Key Selling Points

  • Multi-functional Palette with 4 Styles, 4 Lengths – different styles perfect for top, bottom, and spike lashes
  • One tray, endless possibilities
  • Universal Lash Companion – All-in-one lash companion,fits all brands, all styles. Whether it's any brand or any makeup, you're just one cluster of One More+™ Lash Companion away from the perfect look. 
  • If you want to achieve a Wispy lash look, One More+™ is always your go-to choice!


  • Insta Volume Large Tray: 14 lines for 4 different types of DIY lash extensions
          2 Lines of Bottom Lashes
          4 Lines of Light Volume Fans
          4 Lines of 7D Spike Fans
          4 Lines of 20D Clusters
          5+6+10+12+14+16mm mixed-length eyelash clusters
          You can match different lengths and shapes to your liking. One box of individual lashes is enough.
  • Easy To Apply: Our DIY lashes have a super soft and wide stem and they can be applied easily. Depending on the shape and length of your eyes, 4-6 cluster lashes per eye are sufficient.
  • Bring Home the Lash Extension: In just 3-5 minutes you can get a pair of eyelash extensions that are comparable to salon extensions. Our DIY eyelashes can be used for 3 times under the proper care and cleaning. With the skill improves, you can DIY a pair of attractive eyes in less time.


Veyes lashes can last up to 5-7 days. If it's your first trial, it may not last quite long, but most of our regular clients are seeing 5-7 days or longer retention!

Our lashes are easily removed with our oil based lash remover.

Shipping times are dependent on your selected shipping method and delivery location. For USA buyers, you can receive within 4-6days, for buyers of other countries, you can receive within 10-15 days.