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About us

VEYESBEAUTY (shortly for VB) was conceived with a dream, a dream to inspire and empower people, to embrace their unique beauty with a touch of enchanting lashes. It wasn't just about offering high-quality products, it was about ensuring that these products were within the reach of everyone, without compromising on quality or integrity.

With the faith of Lashes Redefining Beauty, we also initiated concept of THE INVIBIBLE BAND FOR VISIBLE BEAUTY. Together with Veyesbeauty, let's step into a new lash Era with lighter, softer design, allowing for seamless and invisible application. We are committed to empower people all over the world discover their unique personalities and gain more confidence during their exploring of beauty.
Regardless of the cheaper and lower grade lashes, some of which may spring up suddenly with a lower price. Veyesbeauty still believe in exploring our unique technique and handcraft, making sure every single lash bands is cutting within the most comfortable length, and every single lash tray get checked by the inspectors. Since we know these few pieces of cluster lashes may be wore on a girl who are interviewing a job, a girl on her wedding day, a girl on her first stage show, all these moments are once-in-a-lifetime, we want these small pieces to be the witness of the unforgettable moments, not to ruin it for the poor quality.