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Which kind of lash bands suits you? Let’s choose the eyelash style suits you best!

Which kind of lash bands suits you? Let’s choose the eyelash style suits you best!

We have known that there are various types of eyelash bands, such as black bands, invisible bands, and each kind of bands is different in width.

If you are finding a lash extension, how can you choose the most suitable eyelash style? Let’s have a look!

Black band eyelashes

Black band eyelashes are easier to create a thick and dramatic effect, because the black bands are lined up to coincide with your eyelashes, forming a black liner that makes your eyes more vivid, as if you have a black inner liner.

Suitable for the users:

Like heavier makeup or want to make eyes more prominent

VB recommendation: 

VB Newbie's Five-Second series, VB One More+ series


Invisible band eyelashes

The invisible band eyelashes are finer and more comfortable. The band at the junction between each cluster are transparent, which makes the eyelashes extension more natural, as if they are your natural lashes.

Suitable for the users:

Like natural makeup effect, use the lashes for daily commute makeup or pursuit of eyelash comfort

VB Recommendation: 

VB Invisible band Series


The width of bands

The width of the bands also has an impact on your look. If you are a beginner, you may need wider-band eyelashes to complete your eye makeup with fewer clusters. If you are an experienced player or a professional makeup artist, short-band eyelashes will give you more room to operate. Create more personalized eye makeup with different lengths and types of eyelashes!

Wider band eyelashes recommended for beginners: 

VB Newbie's Five-Second series, VB Invisible band Series

shorter band lashes recommended for experienced users: 

VB One More+ series, VB Invisible band Series


Are you ready to get the perfect eyelash extensions?


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