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[Good News!] We Have New Lash Styles! The Single-Length Cluster Lashes Are Available!

[Good News!] We Have New Lash Styles! The Single-Length Cluster Lashes Are Available!
At Veyesbeauty, we understand that our customers have diverse preferences and unique beauty needs. Due to the high demand from our valued customers for single-length cluster lashes, Veyesbeauty has launched single-length lashes to respond to the special needs for customizable lashes!
These new lash kits also provide a convenient and flexible solution for lash enthusiasts who seek specific lengths to complement their existing lash collections.
Currently, the single-length lash as supplementary refills for our LuxeBold and Dreamy collections are available in three popular lengths: 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm! If you prefer a natural look, choose LuxeBold. If you prefer fluffier lashes, go for Dreamy.
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In DIY eyelash extensions, besides using shorter lashes for the inner corners and longer lashes for the outer corners, the most commonly used lengths for the middle section of the eye are typically 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. Therefore, these three lengths are often the first to be used up in a lash set. Have you ever had to buy an entire new set just to replenish a specific length? Now you don't have to worry about that anymore! Purchase the length you need the most, and Veyesbeauty will help you save money while making it easy to enhance your beauty!


Veyesbeauty Newbie 5-Second Series - A Must-Have for Beginners

Even beginners can disguise themselves as lash masters with this series, rivaling the effects of professional lash salons.

  • 1 Second to Grab, 5 Seconds to Apply, 5 Lengths for DIY Customization – A Must-Have for Beginners.

  • The 3D positioning technology ensures consistent shape and curvature for each cluster of eyelashes in every shot.

  • Create a Weightless and Imperceptible Lash Experience, Balancing Durability with a Lightweight feel, no noticeable presence, wear Comfortably for 7 days.


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